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Traditionally bodybuilders consume large amounts of protein in the form of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and, of course, protein. However, thanks to Dr. Nathan Smith, has nominated in the book "Sports Nutrition," the idea that "exercise, despite the strong increase in energy consumption, not very greatly increase the need for protein," protein overload the body has lost its former popularity. Do you know where to get steroids for sale, which meet all safety standards? Doctors generally believe that an adult should receive 11-13 percent of daily calories from protein standards (both animal and vegetable, in approximately equal proportions). AA Pokrovsky gives a figure of 14 per cent, foreign sports nutritionists (J. Sparkman) - 20. read more.

Nevertheless, even ardent supporters acknowledge the low-protein diet that intensively trained athletes should receive more protein than the average person. This is confirmed by many authorities. For example, Clarence Bass and Mike Mentzer, advocates of "scientific bodybuilding", claim that the amount of protein needed for successful muscle growth should be slightly higher than normal. I know one place that offers exclusive high quality anabolic steroids for sale. Little? Compare the recommendations of doctors and sports nutrition data: the difference as much as a 2 and a half times! However, it is not necessary to bring everything to the extreme.

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Protein - the least valuable source of energy, and no matter how ridiculous, excess of it can lead to a slowdown in the recovery and transformation of extra calories into fat. Furthermore, if the protein is used as an energy source of its own takes on the assimilation process (20-30 percent of total calories derived from protein). The collapse of the amino acids and their conversion into carbohydrates (gluconeogenesis), or burning as a source of energy is accompanied by the release of toxic ammonia and sulfur compounds. We've got over 150 kinds of anabolic steroids for sale ready to be shipped to you. You will not only begin to spoil the air, but also the grass your body.

How much protein do we need? In fact, building muscle - a rather slow process, so that the average person need not particularly large. For example, according to the norms of the National Research Council of the US health care recommended rate of consumption of protein - 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. This is a very average value, as many people can maintain normal health, but get less protein, and it should be more on the heavy physical work. Please do not look for anabolics online, let's do it later. On the other hand, when intensive training accelerated breakdown of muscle tissue, and to build a new one (which takes place "with the reserve" in the future, based on the load) is necessary protein. Numerous scientific studies show that a person engaged in power sports, should consume at least 1.6-1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. It is unlikely that even a bodybuilder required more than 2.5 grams per kilo. If you eat more, do not do so often. Then you will avoid the unpleasant side effects and can save a fair amount of money. here.

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First, determine how much protein you should consume, and do not try to eat 18 chicken breasts a day, as Anthony Clark, or drink a day 8 servings of protein, as the 140-pound monster Greg Kovacs. It is very difficult to explain because each draws conclusions only for themselves. The correct using of doping will be useful – so start to buy anabolics online. For example, I eat an average of 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, for a total of 100-110 grams, and increasing weight in the offseason for a brief period increases protein intake to 2 grams per kilo and above. You can say that these limits are too broad, but I do not agree. This wide range of support specifically to the body receives protein in the required amount - no more and no less.

In addition, the constant consumption of large amounts of protein can worsen their digestion: to obtain the same growth will require more and more "stuff". here. Accordingly, it is increasing the amount of harmful wastes. A similar effect is seen in bodybuilders professionals. It can be difficult to find 100% original high quality anabolic steroids for sale. However, it focuses on the protein, as it is most important for muscle growth.

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